Kiddy Baking

What do you do when you have a restless kid roaming in your house?

I got my little princess to bake banana cake with me last night just to keep her entertained and also to clear the bananas on the table. I wanted to bake a banana cake, but she insisted on adding the choc chips, so we ended up the exact same version as the previous post. Sigh... she is really her mother's daughter.

So here's her with more choc chips in her mouth and on her than in those muffins.

"I want to this! It has lots of chocolate chips!"

"Mommy! I have flour on my arm!"

Here's her first bite into the warm muffins.

And you know when you food blog too much when ...

I made a double batch and froze some. I wonder how the frozen muffins would taste. Hmm ...

* Note to self - Banana muffins made with cake flour is very crumbly when eaten hot but is still soft the next day. *


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