Soft White Bread II

This is my first loaf in the new year and it is the softest bread I have ever turned out from my oven. And for that reason solely, I like this version better than the previous two. The softness comes from more liquid in the dough.

Just look at the soft interior.

Despite the higher liquid in the dough, it was still very easy to handle. However, while I was working the butter into the dough, my little princess and I had these conversations.


Me: "I am going to start thumping the dough, so that we would have a soft bread."

Princess: "Thump gently,okay? If not other babies wake up how? If not Uncle Andy's baby wake up how?" (Cos we always tell her to be quite and gentle around babies and we recently visited Hubby's buddy's newborn.)

Me: "..."


Princess: "Mommy, please wait. I am going to play golf first." (The she held up one of my laddles with one hand and swung into the air."

Me: "Playing golf?" (I was puzzled for a while, then realised that earlier the day she was watching Playhouse Disney which showed a segment abt a kid playing golf.)

Princess: "Yes, is this the right way?"

Me: "No, you have to told the club (aka my laddle) with two hands. Like this (and I did a mini demo)."

Princess: "Like this?" (She swung and BANG hit my kitchen cabinet.)

Me: "Yeah, something like that." (Trying to sound neutral, not too encouraging to save my kitchen cabinet, nor too discouraging lest she look for something else to do.)

Princess (mumbling to herself): "Swing like this. Sweep the ball like this. Like this .... "

Me: "..." (Rolling my eyes.)


So after an overturned bowl of flour and a few interruptions of washing the potty, I was finally able to finished baking my bread. I really didn't want to retard it in my fridge to bake the next day. Haha....

Here's the cross-section of one of the loaves.

Sorry please excuse my poor photography skills. The bread is white and not yellowish.

The other loaf has chocolate chips and raisins in it. Well concealled, eh? (^.^) I'll cut it tomorrow morning with my princess. I wonder how it would turn out. Hmm ....


Soft White Bread


Bread flour 230g

Plain flour 70g

Sugar 30g

Instant yeast 4g

Salt 4g

Full cream fresh milk 230g

Butter 20g

Prepare the bread with the above ingredients as per the instructions found in the previous post.


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