More On Bread and Others

For the past week I have been on my bum alot cos I was trying to finish up my Korean drama serial (Yu-Hee, The Witch) and when I get into this mode, I am literally wasted.

For my Korean drama fan readers:
This is the synopsis for the drama, Yu-Hee The Witch. On the overall, I think this show is only so-so. Probably a 6 out of 10 rating. I liked it just because of the way the characters dress. I think the wardrobe manager did a good job. Story line wise, it is quite predictable and gets draggy towards the end. Another plus point of the show is that since the guy was an aspiring French cook, there are many cooking scenes. I love the way they plate the desserts. Yummy!

I managed to get around to baking bread once a week for the past three weeks. But each time I have been experimenting with different variations of the recipe that I had used previously and I am hoping to find one that yields the right texture and flavour for me.

The prep work.

Mountain shape bread

The cross section.

I have also exprimented on baking them in different shapes. This was baked in a round cake pan.

And this was baked in a tube pan (chiffon cake pan).

And also, I tried to bake my frozen bread but was a total flop. The bread was dense and hard. So I need to read up on that a bit more to try again.


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