Buttermilk Mega Baking Session

After the last buttermilk bake-off, I have firmly made up my mind that when I bake with buttermilk, I will finished up the whole carton at one go instead of keeping the remaining amount (for the bin, most likely).

So with that in mind, I picked up a carton of buttermilk and spent 2 hours on my feet baking yesterday. I made blueberry muffins, bacon and cheese cornbread and plain cheese cornbread. At the end of the mega baking session, buttermilk taught me another lesson - economies of scale. Baking a batch of cornbread or double required the same efforts in preparation. So why not make more? I think I like this idea of economies of scale in terms of food prep. Or maybe I have been reading too much freezer cooking recently.

This is my blueberry muffins. My first time using fresh blueberries. Quite costly (S$7.95 for 125gm) but definitely worth every cent of it.

The inside is soft and the pockets of tart tasting blueberries are balanced with the sweet crumbs of the muffins.

Bacon and cheese cornbread. The basic recipe came from Baking Illustrated. I think the cheddar I used was too salty but other than that it was good enough for me to wolf down 2 to 3 slices at one go. I baked the cornbread in a mini foil tin (15cm x 10cm) and frozen the other 2 tins.

Hubby has never been a fan of all the sugary stuff that comes out of the oven. He would sample but not eat. So this savoury cornbread was made for him and he happily requested to bring some to office for breakfast.


  1. Blueberry muffin is my utmost favourite. No chance to sample yours now that I've left :(

  2. eh... can i request to swing by and pick some up to take to the office as well? kekekeke

  3. Hi Jas, sorry last time didn't try to make this. I didn't think of making muffins with blueberries until my friend told me she did it. I have some frozen but no gtee that it will taste as nice as the original ones since it is my first time freezing this muffin.

    Hi Jo, you are my most avid supporter! Tks!

  4. Its ok, I can oogle at the pics. I like to see the blue color streaks of the blueberry after the muffins are baked. U r right, the slightly sourish taste of the blueberries balance well with the muffins' sweetness.


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