Staying Connected

On last Saturday evening, I had a call from a long time friend, T. I have know T since I was 10 yrs old and wearing school pinafore! He has always been a wonderful friend who would listen to any nonsense I care to sprout (in my younger days of cos!). (^.^) He called to tell me that while he was cleaning up his Favourties, he saw a link to my blog and was surprised that my blog is updated (of cos lah!). And it was here that he saw my little princess since she was born. Sadly, we haven't met up even before she was born.

I think blogging is a wonderful way for friends to stay updated with each other. In the current time of competitive careers and demanding family needs, who has the extra energy to meet up? Actually I don't know how many friends of mine are reading this blog, but I do hope that they enjoy reading my life journey.


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