Bento #3 For Hubby, et al

::: Today's Bento Menu :::
Pesto with roast chicken and avocado sandwiches
Sliced apples and pear

We had leftover roast chicken and an overripe avocado sitting in the fridge, so I combined them to make a sandwich. Pity that I didn't have any tomato on hand to brighten things up a little. I'm in love with pesto sauce. Anything goes well with it, in my opinion.

We have signed our little princess up for a twice a week programme to stay in school for lunch and followed on by activities. She enjoys the activities but thoroughly hates the lunch in school for some reasons. So I thought maybe I would pack her favourite lunch and bring it to her later (just 5mins walk from my office). Hopefully this will help reduce her anxiety of lunching there. Cross my fingers.

::: Toddler's Bento Menu :::

Breaded pork fillet

Boiled broccoli

Sliced hard boiled eggs

And since she has 2 snack breaks now, I also packed additional snacks for her.

::: Snack Corner :::

Above - Calbee vegetable sticks with raisins

Below - Double chocolate muffin with a slice of pear

I told hubby that I feel I am packing to go for picnic!


  1. wont the pear and apple turn brown by the time its eaten?

    what pesto sauce? home made? kekeke can use some ideas lei

  2. Just rinse the cut pear and apple slices in salt water and wipe them dry before packing into a container. This will prevent discolouration. Although lemon juice will work too, nobody likes the sourish taste in their fruits.

    Pesto sauce is a sauce made from fresh basil leaves, pinenuts and parmesan cheese. Goes best when tossed with hot pasta. Available in fresh (which keeps for 1 week max) and in bottles (which keeps for much longer in fridge). Mine is from Leggos. Cost about $7+ from Cold Storage.

  3. so there is a tinge of saltiness in the fruits?

  4. is the choc muffin the one with the buttermilk?
    receipe on your page? coz its damn nice.... *yums*

  5. Wow! You are a working Mom and yet you prepare so many bento boxes in a day! :) Kudos to you.

  6. Jo - Yes, there will be a tinge of saltiness on the fruits but it is more acceptable for us than the critusy. Her double choc muffins is from the same batch as the one I gave you. Sorry, I didn't post any recipe here. If you are interested I can email you.

    lzmommy - Thanks! Most of the items are ready-to-use. Prep work and keeping leftovers are key to speedy bentos in the mornings. (^.6)


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