Bento #2 For Hubby

Bentos for Hubby is really a good way to clear the fridge!

::: Today's Bento Menu :::
Pan fried fish fillet
Quails' eggs
Simmered lotus roots
Boiled green beans
Shoulder ham slices
Cucumber pickles


  1. are those the jap kind of pickled cucumbers? where to get them?

  2. Yes, they are from Japan. Cold Storage has them. Look for them at the shelf displaying miso. Many varieties.

  3. Hi Rene

    Thanks for dropping by my kids' blog :) Great to find another mommy who prepare bento too!

    Yes :) That's what I think too, preparing for hubs to clear the fridge :p Hehehe...

  4. Hi lzmommy,

    Thanks for dropping in.


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