Reading vs Cooking

For the past few weeks, I have doing more reading than cooking. Either is it due to the hot weather or high food prices or being unable to find a particular ingredient, I am simply put off on trying out new recipes.

Just as I have hinted that I might be making pizzas, I was so happy to find a recipe which I think is worth trying and was hoping to indulge myself with lots of cheesy bites, but when I saw the price tag for a block of mozzarella cheese, I hesistated to reach my hand out for a block. A 250g block would set me back by S$7.15 and mind you this is not the top grade fresh mozzarella cheese that all my books are harping about.

This is usually my shopping list for a pizza session:
- 2 blocks of cheese (S$7.15 x 2 = S$14.30)
- fresh button mushrooms (S$4.80 per 200g pun)
- asparagus (180g pkt, S$3.15)
- cherry tomatoes (S$3.05 per 250g pun)
- plain flour (S$1.80 per 1kg pkt)
- tomato sauce (S$5.10 per 500g bottle)

Total cost = S$32.20 (which works out to an average of S$10.70 per person for a family of 3 or S$8.05 per pizza as 1 batch turns out 4 large pizzas)

Yeah sure, we are eating homemade and healthier pizzas but it is real costly for a meal of just pizzas.

Same thing goes for my planning to make lemon cheesecake. Can you believe it, I haven't seen a block of Philadelphia cream cheese for the longest time at most of the supermarkets I frequent. Or maybe I should start wearing my specs when I go supermarketing.

The high cost of living is really biting hard! (-.-)

Post edit: I finally found some Philadelphia cream cream blocks selling at S$4.70/8oz block. My recipe calls for 3 blocks! That's $14.10. Now where's the number to Hilton Deli to order a New York cheesecake?


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