Focaccia and Pizza

I found this interesting focaccia bread recipe from and had to try it. The smell was terrific but the texture of the dough was not as good as Baking Illustrated's Olive Focaccia. But it was a good experiment, at least now I have a good pizza dough to rely on!

I followed the recipe accordingly but I made minor changes:
* increased the amount of water by 1/4 cup as I found that my dough wasn't able to come together at all
* substituted garlic powder with fresh chopped garlic

This is the dough after the first proofing:

Mini pizzas ready for baking:

Ready to eat!

I haven't made pizzas for a long time and this was the first time I made it with my little princess. She had a fun time smacking the dough and also doing the toppings. Despite the fact that she doesn't like tomato sauce, she took 2 bites of the pizza simply because she made it herself.


  1. You've been baking a lot huh...

    {Sigh} I dont have the chance to sample yr baking now.

  2. I'm trying to bake as often as time permits. (^.^)

    Don't worry, there's always a next time for you to be my food taster!


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