Little Green Shop

Are you someone who remember a restaurant for the food rather than its name? I didn't think I belong to this category until we went Vivocity this afternoon for lunch.

It had somehow become a routine for my little princess to have her ice cream treat whenever we lunch there with my mother-in-law. She would finish whatever that we put in her bowl and in turn hurry us to finish ours. Then off she goes, skipping and hopping to the "Little Green Shop" to start her selection of ice cream. Their ice cream selection is pretty decent and it is not tooth-achingly sweet. Earl Grey chocolate ice cream, hazelnut ice cream and plain vanilla are my little princess' favourites.

Today, when she happily skipped ahead of us to the "Little Green Shop", she was greeted with a closed shop. The glass panels were shut tightly and she announced to us disappointingly: "It is closed!" We peek inside and saw that the place has been gutted. The "Little Green Shop" is closed for good.

The sad thing about it is that I didn't even remember the name of the shop!

Well, farewell "Little Green Shop". I hope I would be able to find another place that serves ice cream as good.

Addendum: The name of that shop is Salon de The (which I think translate to something like Tea Salon).


  1. It depends. Sometimes when the food is nice, I'll take note of the restaurant but ya sometimes not.

  2. Oh! I know that place!Sometimes their names are too long to remember.
    perhaps if you check the tenant listing for vivo city you would be able to find the name?

  3. Hi Jasmyn, the food was only so-so, that perhaps help explain why they closed for good.

    Hi Jo, thank goodness they still haven't torn down the signage when I went there again the next day! Haha ... At leat I was able to give it a propery obituary!

  4. was it Salon De Tea or something like that?

  5. Yes, that's the one! I think the next time I am going to try an ice cream shop right under my nose, or rather right under my office. Island Creamery! I have completely forgot its existence here!


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