Lunch Hour, Rush Hour

Since our little princess start school in Sep-07, I have been faced with lunch hour challenge every weekday. Our attempts to get her to eat lunch in school hasn't gone very well, but I am not giving up just yet. We are now working on getting her to go school on time and the lunchbox can come back later.

Having lunch at home is nice but the preparations never fail to stress me out. While most working parents ask "What's for dinner?", I can be heard asking "What's for lunch AND dinner?". Okay, I shall stop whinning here.

Yesterday, while walking aimlessly around my supermarket with little princess, I chance upon the deli section selling prepared salads. Thai shrimp salad, quinoa salad, couscous salad, pasta salad and potato salad just to name a few. So instead of yielding to cries for a burger, I managed to convince her to try the pasta salad. It cost me S$2.70 for 100gm. Pricey? No doubt, but at least she is eating natural food rather than processed burger patties.

Am I coming a natural food freak? No way, we still chomp down sausages and preservatives laden snacks! That's something hard to kick still. (^.^)

High up on my To-Try list: Thai Shrimp salad.


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