Fridge Purging

Back In October last year, I put up a post with photographs of my fridge and freezer and I had friends asking if I really only have 3 persons staying in this house. Yes, and there is still 3 only currently.

Today, I decided that it is high time for another round of purging of the fridge.

This is my fridge before purging.

And here's what is on the door shelves.

After a quick 5 minute boogie, with alot of bottles being dug out from deep inside and tossed, here's a second look at my fridge. Not a jaw dropping makeover. But at least I can see more of my fridge lighting.
Also, all the bottles of medicine which I had kept for those just-in-case-situations were emptied out and bottles recycled. Now I wonder why I didn't toss them earlier for I definitely won't be giving them to my girl even if she falls sick today. Touch wood!

During the 5 minute raid I have found a few more ideas on on what to cook for the weeks ahead!

Are you purging your fridge? Let me know, I want to hear about it. Need some cues on how to purge your fridge? Click here for some ideas from The Kitchn on where and how to start.


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