Peek Into My Fridge & Freezer

With my beloved camera back, I immediately put it into use.

Ever wonder how my fridge and freezer looks like? Scroll down but try not to be alarmed.

This is the top half of my fridge:

This is the second half of my fridge:

Top half of my fridge door:

Bottom half of the fridge door:

Top freezer drawer:

And a peek into it:

Bottom freezer drawer:

And a peek into it:

As you can see from the photos, I'm not a terribly organised person. And for your information, this fridge is BEFORE our weekly grocery shopping which we will be doing tomorrow or the day after. (^.^)

Here's what I made for dinner last night. Salmon skewers. I didn't thread it myself. I bought it prepared from Fassler. Can't remember how much it cost. The fish is fresh and this makes good item to have for a BBQ.


  1. wow, your fridge is full of food... so nice :)

  2. Hi Ho Jiak,

    Thanks! I get carried away whenever I am buying food items. (^.^)

  3. wow your fridge is stock full of ingredients just like mine though mine is much less organized than yours is! LOL
    nice blog btw

  4. hi Tastes of Home,

    Thanks for dropping in. I've only recently organised my fridge slightly and that was the first time since we turned on the switch. LoL


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