Hunting Korean Food (con't)

After we left my friend's baby shower, our little princess kept asking that we go out for lunch. So we hopped into the car and sat there racking our brains where to go for lunch. We certainly want to avoid those crowded weekend places, so we had this converstaion:

Me: "What do you feel like eating today?"
Hubby: "Why don't we go to that Korean restaurant you went?"
Me: "Huh?"
Hubby: "I don't mind having Korean today."
Me: "You sure? That place is not fanciful and the food is average."
Hubby: "Let's give it a try."

So within minutes I was back to Kim's Family Restaurant again. This time more tables were taken when we walked in at 1pm. Mostly Korean families. We were served by the same server again and she gave me a wide smile. Again a big jug of cold tea and we are back to the crumpled menu. This was what we ordered:

* Bibimbap [S$10] - This is my first taste of the dish that appeared a few times in the Korean dramas. The first impression that I have was that this dish is somewhat like a combination of various dishes that are piled atop some rice. I didn't have a good look into the black stoneware bowl before Hubby started stirring the chilli sauce in. But whatever that was in there made the whole dish tasted good. The chilli sauce was not too spicy, it imparted colour than flavour. I think this goes down well with those who are familiar with our local "cai-fan" (菜饭) system. So Hubby was a good candidate and he liked his bibimbap.

* Spicy Seafood Soup [S$12] - Came in a bowl with is big enough to qualify as a small basin for washing one's face! The soup was average and only a tinge spicy but it had generous amounts clams, prawns and squid swimming it in.

* Chicken hotplate [S$6] - We had initially ordered this for our little princess, but it came cooked with chilli, so we had to order the beef hotplate for her instead. The chicken was generous and it was only slighlty spicy. I can only guess that it was cooked with some kind of soy bean paste. Hubby created his own bibimbap with this and the kimchi side dish. Haha ... and it tasted good! I'm starting to see the wonders of bibimbap.

* Beef hotplate [S$6] - See my previous post on this. Except that the cook had used the sugar more sparingly than the previous time.

And indeed the side dishes that came after we placed our orders were free flow! I guess the side dishes change daily depending on what is available. But thank goodness I still had my kimchi pancake and kimchi side dishes.

Hubby's verdict: Food here is much more authentic and wholesome than food court. Homey taste. Pricing is good.

Well, I guess Hubby is a satisfied customer! (^.^)


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