Scone or Biscuit?

When I pulled these out of my freezer, the bag read: "Critus Scones - 10 Aug 2008". So I take it to mean that these are critus scones made on that date. And since I am out of breakfast options, scones sounds perfect.

Well, they always say that kids say the darnest things. And my little tot did just that when she woke up to the smells of the baking goodies.

She: "Mmm, smells nice. What did you bake?"

Me: "Take a look." (Fully expecting her to say scones.)

She: "What biscuit is it?"

Me: "..."

And it did taste like a biscuit. Maybe I was overzealous in patting the scone thinly that I over did it or left it too long in the oven (I was busy kneading the focaccia). The scone didn't rise much in the oven. That was pretty much the height when it went into the oven. Scone or biscuit? It didn't matter much, my main customers (and perhaps only customers of the day!) love them anyway. I going to pop some into the oven for my princess to bring to school for snacks tomorrow. (^.^)


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