Playing Paper Doll in Cooking

With all the herbs growing in the planter, I am hard pressed for what to do with them. Strange. This feels like the tail wagging the dog.

Finding a recipe which uses a combination of the herbs that I have proved to be an easy enough task. The answer: Beef Stew.

Not that I don't like my previous version of beef stew, but I am always happy to try new ways of cooking it.

Yesterday's beef stew came from Cooking Know-How. As I flip through the pages, I felt that this book was specially written for people like me who don't take well to instructions, especially cooking instructions. I always feel that cooking is more art than science, therefore it is okay to let some of my creative juice leach into my cooking. This book teaches a basic techinique and offers up many different combinations for you to pick and choose. Think of it as playing with paper dolls. The combination seems endless and the recipes made to be very accomodating.

But how does the stew tastes? It was delicious. Brown meat-flavoured broth with chunks of beefs, potatoes and carrots and nuggets of bacon in between. What's not to love?

The fresh herbs from the planter gave wonderful aromatic layer to it. Served with rice, this is a dangerous food which usually leads to overeating.


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