Farm Trip

What comes to your mind when someone says: "Country bumpkin"?

In my mind, it refers someone who is unsophisticated and most probably came from a rual area.

But I realised that the opposite is also true. I am a city bumpkin. Why? Cos for the first time in 30 years, the plants of the veggies which are very much part of my daily life looked like! I saw yam, ladies fingers (aka okra), tapioca, long beans, sugar cane, corn, rice, dragon fruit, spinach, and plenty of others still growing in the soil. Wow!

So now you see what a city bumpkin I am?

Pity that I didn't bring my cammy along, but I doubt that I would be snapping much given how enchanted I was by the hot, mosquito-infested, undulating farm. The farm I am talking about is not your usual farm with neat rows of veggies growing in their designated spot, but a place where someone who is passionate enough to till the ground, wire the cables for the creepers, tie the weaker stems to stakes, and watch the plants grow where they sprout. Isn't it haphazard then? Sure is, but that is also the beauty of it.

We got away with a big bunch of long beans and some eggplants (white and purples variety). That was all that I could manage with 2 hands. Dang! I should have brought my shopping bag along! If harvesting the veggies yourself isn't fresh enough, I don't know what is.

Thanks to P and K, who kindly share with us their little corner and allowed us to harvest some of their veggies. The lovely K was patient enough to answer my never-ending "What is this plant?".

We moved over to visit Kranji Farm Resort where the kids had a blast playing the go-karts. Price range from $5 to $8 per 30-mins. Nothing much at the Farm Resort, except that the Goreng Pisang ($1.20 each) was exceptionally delicious. We were told that the bananas came from the tree growing at back of the stall.

I do hope to go farm visiting again, but it is just not logistically sound to do it too often. Sigh ... Well, we'll see!