3 Weeks On ...

In the 3 weeks since I bought those plants, I have been either busy with checking the soil, watering the plants or surfing the net the read up more about those babies sitting in the planter. And everyday, I seem to learn new facts about them and tips on how to care and maintain them. Well, like I always like to say: we learn as we go along.

After observing them for the past weeks, here are just some notes to remind myself.


* Heavy drinker and likes moist soil.
* Grows fast, hence require agressive pruning.
* It received direct morning sunlight for about 3 hours, and partial shade for the rest of day. This seems to be suit the plant fine, but I realised that the lower leaves tend to turn yellowish or dry out. But this could be due to my initial lack of watering. I am seeing new buds coming out from within.
* It roots easily where the plant touches the soil.


* Moderate to heavy drinker. Water when the soil dries out.
* Grows fast, hence require agressive pruning.
* Seems to thrive well in partial direct sun that it is receiving now.


* Light to moderate drinker. I tried to water when the soil dries out, but by then the plant looked droopy. Perhaps it is due to the small pot that it is currently in.
* Grows quite fast, but not fast enough to require pruning often. I haven't pruned it since the first time I brought them home.


* Moderate to heavy drinker, but maybe due to the small pot size.
* Grows quite fast, but not fast enough to require pruning often. I have snipped of the tops which are flowering in the hopes that it will encourage the stems to be stronger and the plant to be bushier. So far, it works.


* Moderate to heavy drinker, maybe this is a flowering plant.
* Read that it doesn't do well in direct sunlight. I am seeing alot of yellowish and brownish leaves recently, so I am going to try moving it out of the sun.
* Grows fast and the flowers are always blooming. I have just pruned it for the first time since I brought it home.


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