Evening Walk

After a week of frenzy working, cooking, driving and cleaning, I felt I need a weekend to veg out completely.

Slinking away from the world of concret jungle.

To a place where the only source of food looks like this ...

And to escape this incarceration, one must be prepared to jump from this heights where the route of escape perilously lies.

But if one is content with the greenery and so decide to stay forever, there are nice seats and wide angle view of the surrounding.

With these to munch on instead of salted peanuts.

So when I declared that we are staying on indefinitely, I had a revolt on hand to deal with immediately.

She wasn't content with eating those green munchies.


  1. Nice walk, isn't i? Good to look at some greenery...

    Which park is this?

  2. Yes, I love that place. Hoping to go there early in the morning one of these days. Evenings are just too hot.

    It is at Mount Faber. I think you have mentioned being there before.


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