Thick and Chewy Triple Chocolate Cookie

I don't know what possessed me to make these. But all I know is that Hubby bought back a couple of mega chocolate cookies from Subway a few nights ago and we are hooked. By we, I meant our princess and me. Hubby is a savoury person.

Making cookies is not really as challenging as bread, but still the process feels slightly foreign to me. While creaming the butter, I started to worry if I am doing the right way. Yes, I am a worrier. I worry about almost everything. Just like how one would feel driving again after a long break away from the wheels. Perhaps I haven't baked cookies for too long.

If you are considering making this cookies, don't expect a dough. It is more like a fudge that is scoop-able. And that's how you portion the cookies, scooping it onto the baking sheets as you would scoop ice cream.

While sticking the chocolate chips and cranberries onto the cookies, I kinda feel festive. Maybe I should churn a batch of this out for Christmas or Chinese New Year. The cranberries are my own addition.

For me, the recipe yielded about 32 cookies which were as sinful as the devil himself. Not that I am acquainted with the devil nor wish to. The cookies have a soft interior that taste like mini cakes but the exterior is slightly crisp, much like a good brownie. Actually I am suspecting if this is close to those Chocolate Brownie Cookies that I have came across on the Internet.

While portioning the cookies, we had this conversation:

Hubby: "Looks sinful." He was eyeing the cookies.

Me: "Yeah, I can't imagine why would anyone invent such stuff."

Hubby: "Demand and supply." Sorry, we are both finance people so we seek to explain everything in economics term.

Me: "You mean that there are people who wants to eat such decadent stuff?"

Hubby: "Of course, if not why would you be making it?" Giving me a quzzical look.

Me: "I was just hoping to make some chocolate cookies so I thought I give this a shot since the increase in cost of ingredients from a double chocolate cookie and a triple is marginal." We are finance people, remember?

Hubby: "True. Are you intending to open a bake shop? Why are you baking so much?"

Me: "You mean be a hawker?" I gave him a horrified look.

Hubby: "Yeah, think Famous Amos."

Me: "Yeah, think Mrs Fields." Mrs Fields was in bankruptcy for 45 days.

A bit of background: Hubby is forever thinking of making a business from anything. During the pre-Chinese New Year period, he was standing in queue for the bak-kwa (pork jerky) and he could even tell me his business plan for making some money from this crazy queuing situation, which by the way was absurd.

Hubby: "But these look and taste good." He pinched off a corner of a cookie.

Me: "Huh?" Remember Hubby is a savoury person? To make him say that this is good, these cookies must be worth its sugar.

The recipe for the cookies can be found on Baking Blonde. Ultra rich, ultra decadent and utterly satisfying.


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