Corn Muffins

I have just been presented with the best opportunity to show off my cooking!

Well, I shouldn't be so happy actually. Cos the reason I have this oppportunity is that my mom sprained her hand. So it feels wrong to be happy in the first place.

Anyway, because she has been with us for the past two weeks, I got to try out some new recipes. Yipee!! Oh, right, yes. ... I need to tone it down.

The above corn muffins was taken with my iPhone, so pls execuse the poor poor quality. They do look like some devious man-eating plants from some cartoon.

The last time I made these corn muffins was a looooooong time ago. The recipe is like the worst kept secret and it seems like every site has a smiliar recipe. Makes really delicious muffins.

But please use FROZEN corn kernels. My frozen corn were used as ice pack for my mom's hand and they turned slightly swishy when I finally put them into the muffins. -.-'


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