Forever Summer (Or Not?)

No, I am not making reference to Nigella Lawson's series. I'm talking about the weather here in Singapore.

Singapore weather these days is the easiest to describe to anyone, even though you haven't really been here before or even checked out the weather reports or even know where is Singapore in the first place.

* Oh yea, it has been wet. (Rodents who can swim probably did some exclusive window shopping around Orchard Road during the flash flood.)

* Oh yea, it has been dry. (Random trees along the expressway looks as though they were plucked out from some temperate countries during autumn and preserved here.)

* Oh yea, it has been hot. (I need to fix my car dash board external temperature reading; it blinked 35.5 degC constantly when it is not raining!)

* Oh yea, it has been cold. (When it rains.)

Any of the above reply would aptly describe what we are going through these days. To sum it up: crappy.

So what is one to cook during these crappy days?

Hot and tongue searing chili con carne over a bed of pasta on a cold rainy day? Sounds good. Except when I do get around to cooking it, the temperature outside is equally hot.

Prawns and avocado salad for lunch on a sweltering afternoon? Sounds great. Oh dear, the rain's pouring into my planter! Save the plants!

The first thing that came to my mind this morning when I clicked on Mark Bittman's 101 Fast Recipes For Grilling, I wonder if there are enough suggestions which would turn out as well if we had to change the theme to indoor steamboat last minute.

And I thought that is it forever summer here.


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