Vietnamese Rice Rolls

I think I am such a contradictory person. Almost everyday I would devoutly wish to have some time to myself, but when I do have time to on my hands, I have no idea what to do with it.

That was what happened last night. My little princess dropped off to dreamland at 7pm and Hubby was working late. So I have the whole evening to myself. And what did I do?

Raid the fridge!

After a quick stock taking, I realised that I have enough ingredients to make these rice rolls. So that was how I spent two hours of the evening. These rice rolls are made from ingredients that are inexpensive, but they are certainly labour intensive.

I made these rolls with bibb lettuce, thick rice noodles, cucumbers, cilantro, mint leaves and prawns. All layered in that order and wrapped spring roll style. I used Bon Appetit's dipping sauce with these.

Now, I hope I will get to the leftovers before Hubby does.


  1. Looks so appetising & healthy.

    So special with thick rice noodles, usually it's with rice?

  2. I'm not to sure but the ones from a shop near my place does it with thick rice noodles (aka laksa bee hoon).


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