You Have To Watch This

In our quiet house last night:

Hubby: "Come quick!" He leaped from the sofa in front of the tv.

Me: "I'm not interested in World Cup." Carrying on to do whatever I was doing.

Hubby: "No, you have to watch this!" Sounded a bit more persistant.

Me: "Huh?" Walking over and thinking which team has gotten him this excited.

It wasn't the World Cup but Food Network Asia which has just touched down in our local network yesterday. We watched a half minute clip of Paula Deen making some sort of pesto mayo mixture for a portobello mushroom burger which she then held in her hediously manicured fingers. I mean, give me a break, you call yourself a cook with these heavily lacquered acrylic?

So the ultimate food porn has arrived and will that inspire more of us here to cook? I, for one, didn't get a single drop of inspiration after watching it for an hour last night. Maybe that's just me. That is the irony about cooking channels. They are suppose to teach us how to cook and eat better, but instead all it is actually doing is making us hungry. The clip on Paula Deen making the pesto mayo mix devoted as much time to describing how delicious the burger is and how it tasted like meat in the mouth as the actual process of making the pesto mayo mix. In a 30-second clip, go figure.

If you do get a chance to watch, let me know if you come away with anything else other than hunger. Maybe the latest kitchen wear fashion?


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