Anywhere But The Kitchen

Since our little princess started Kindergarten 2, her folder is always packed when I picked her up on Friday. We will usually hop into the car and open her folder to weed out the homework from work that she had done in school. Doing this helps me plan our afternoon and let me go through with her in the car what she needs to get done when we are home. On top of this, she now has weekly spelling lists for both English and Chinese.

Most of our afternoons now are spent going through her school work. Yesterday, we did telling time. I was told by the teachers that this is actually part of her school work which they will go through in a few months' time, but she is having problems telling time to watch her favourite cartoons and was growing frustrated. So I risked pulling out all my hair and went through some basics with her.

As a result of all these, I haven't had much time to hang around in the kitchen. Our meals are just some one-pot dinners. Quick but fall short of being blog material. While we are going through an adjustment period with dropping her afternoon naps and her increasing work, I will have to come up with strategies of how to incorporate cooking into the picture.

On the subject of parenting, I am thinking of picking up The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua which had caused much ra-ra in the West after The Wall Street Journal ran her article. Waiting for the next Kinokuniya sale.


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