A Quick Update

My life with a young child is about routine, routine and routine. And I am glad to say that we have come to some sort of routine which we (little princess and me) both agree that will work for us during the weekdays. We are still in the process of fine tuning, but I think we should be on the right track.

Our little princess is now more receptive to sitting down in the afternoons to do some homework. She breezes through a 6-page piece (in font size 24) less than 20 minutes. I have also found a way to do her school spelling with her which has so far worked well. The trick I observed after a few run-ins seems to be that so long as I wrap all these up in 30 minutes, she is happy to do this on a daily basis. After this 30-minute stint, she goes back to do what she usually does everyday after school - couch potato with eyes glued on the tv.

Since our little princess has dropped her afternoon naps, it leaves me lesser time to cook/photograph/blog. I found that whenever I am going through a transition or in crisis mode, I will fall back into survival cooking which are essentially some basic stir fries, soups and whatever else that is in the fridge.

I did some follow-a-recipe cooking like crepes, rice burgers, Japanese hot-pots, 2 wonderful roast chicken, wraps, braised short ribs and also a beef daube but I just had no more energy nor the motivation to photograph and write. Now I am nursing a bad throat and possibly the whole works of the flu virus to follow shortly. I hope to jump back on the band-wagon soon.


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