It Ain't No Famous Amos

Warning: This is another butter-laden post. If you have hit your pre-set quota for butter consumption for this year after the Sun-dried Tomato Butter, proceed at your own risk.

This was the little treat which I made for our little princess to bring for her teachers. Though I had thought that these Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies were on the plain and boring side, our little princess feedback that her teachers were happily munching on them during their snack time. It ain't no Famous Amos, but it was good enough for her wonderful teachers.

These chocolate chip cookies taste best when they had firmed up after being out of the oven and still slightly warm. And don't forget your cup of milk.

The recipe is from Joy of Cooking and can be found on Culinate.


  1. Yum! I don't usually make drop cookies but they are the best kind of comfort food yah?


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