Butter And Bread

This smudge of speckled orangey clump is the only reason to eat bread.

I have to believe that because I had scarfed down two thick slices for the past few mornings.

Salty, creamy, tangy and rich, I can't imagine a more delicious spread.

This sun-dried tomato butter only needed 3 ingredients - sun-dried tomatoes, butter and lemon juice. Of course, you can throw in salt and black pepper, provided the butter is unsalted.

For more detailed explanation on how to make this sinful indulgence, click over to my older post on this Sun-dried Tomato Butter where it all started.

Instead of pulling my food processor out from it comfortable resting place in the kitchen cabinet, I decided that I will mix this compound butter by hand. But please soften the butter first. It makes all the difference.

So chop, chop, chop (the sun-dried tomatoes) and mash, mash, mash (the butter with the sun-dried tomatoes thrown in) ... and then dollop it on a cling wrap and roll it up. After rolling, place it in a container of any shape you want the butter to turn out. I am utilitarian, so I go for the nearest clean Tupperware available. Then enjoy in moderation!


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