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Beauty And The (Lazy) Beast

I recently learnt a very interesting thing about my brother. No doubt if he ever learn that I share this with you here, he would disown me immediately. So let's keep it a secret here, alright?

I found out, to my great surprise, that my brother is some sort of a beauty pro. He carries a stash of facial serum, toner, cleanser and moisturiser when he goes traveling. I had initially thought that the little neat pouch either belong to my sister or mom. But when I saw him sorting through the little vials and bottles, I shouted: "That's yours??!!"

Perhaps it shouldn't come as that much of a surprise if I had used my brains a little more. My brother has since puberty been struggling with acne outbreaks and probably still does to a lesser extend. Which probably had lead him to take more care with his skin than me. I have so far been blessed with clear skin and only have to deal with an occasional one-pimple-on-the-face situation during PMS. So what's my beauty routine? I only use a facial cleaner. Period.

When I told my brother that, his alarmed reply was: "You need to hydrate your skin! This is important!!" Then he told me to wash my face and shoved some sort of facial cleanser into my hands. So like a good girl that I was, I did as I was told (which was something of a rarity when we were young). Then he gave me a drenched cotton pad and told me to pat/swipe all over my face. I have no idea what that was except that it smelled nice. And before I knew it, I was on my back and my face was covered with a mask. After the iPhone alarm went off, he took the mask off and told me to wait (for what?). Then he came back with a little bottle with a squeeze pump much like a science lab equipment. He dripped a few drops on his palm and then begin to apply it to my face.

Brother: "What's this?"

Me: "What's what?"

Brother: "Dead skin."

Me: "Huh?"

Brother: "Its all over your forehead. Touch it! NO! Don't touch it with your dirty hands."

Me: "What's so bad about that?"

Brother: "You need to take care of your skin. Exfoliate and then moisturise it! Then new skin will grow and you will look nice. You need to take better care of your skin. Even J (our younger sister) takes better care than you do!"

I turned my face away in embarrassment and saw my mom nodding in agreement in the background.

After that he told me to clean my hands and apply moisturiser. While applying the moisturiser, I realised that my face had suddenly became soft and felt ultra clean for the first time in a very long time. 

I had once told a friend that I will probably wait until I am 35 before I adopt any proper facial routine. I had said that because I am such a lazy bummer and live thinking I am a true utilitarian. Unfortunately, I had to fast forward that after a recent outbreak of acne. Actually, it was the appearance of a few pimple outside of PMS period that prompted me that perhaps my face needs more attention. So from what I have learnt from my brother, I have hastily put together a few basic items for my beauty routine now.

Step 1 - Cleanse: Nivea Visage Facial Wash Gel

I have been using this facial wash for more than 12 years. Love the blue colour and also the clean feel after washing. But Hubby complained that it is too dry for his skin.

Step 2 - Tone: Nivea Visage Toner

I've recently purchased this. I was surprised that the cotton pad is still so dirty after washing my face. Yikes!

Step 3 - Mask: Nature Republic Aqua Collagen Marine Hydro Gel Mask
This mask is not your usual paper mask drenched with serum. This mask is completely made of gel. Once on the face, the cooling effect is really nice. And the best part is that it fits really nicely on the face as compared to paper mask. We got this from Nature Republic in Penang for RM10.90 (S$4.40) a piece. I read that Nature Republic has quit Singapore, so there goes my hope of restocking.

I am doing mask once a week for now. Anyone knows how often this is to be done? I've read it should be done daily to once a week as the bare minimal.

Step 4 - Essence/Serum: SK II Facial Treatment Essence 

I got this three days ago. Still waiting to see if this is really as good as all the raving about it. This burnt a hole in my credit card.

This was what my brother applied on my face. It really works wonder. My face felt really soft afterwards. I got a bottle of it yesterday from Sasa. Burnt another hole.

Step 5 - Moisturise: Avene Light Hydrating Cream with SPF 20

This cream is ultra light and not greasy at all. I hate greasy cream which leaves my face feeling like the surface of my skillet after frying.

Bought this together with the Facial Treatment Essence for night application. I find it too rich for me (i.e. woke up in the morning like I have just worked overtime at KFC). So this has been seconded to Hubby.

Step 6 - Cosmetics: Nature Republic BB Cream

This was on promotion when I was in Penang for RM11. It comes with sunblock and makes my face look really flawless. I haven't used this since I returned but will probably do so when I have more blemishes than I can handle. It is not greasy and feels light on the face.

I am still a lazy beast, and would do away with all these stuff if I could. But age is starting to show on my face. And just as my brother put it: "If you want to continue to have problem free skin, then you had better take care of it before it becomes a problem! By then it would be do late!" So my dear old brother still has a thing or two to teach me after all these years.


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