Cheese And Fruits

Picture from the SodaHead forum
Apart from the skin care routine that I have picked up from my last trip, I had also picked up something else - eating of cheese with fruits and a glass of wine.

While in Penang, we put up at the G Hotel which I must say that we are certainly very happy with our accommodation. Because of our choice of room (a suite with two bedrooms), we were on the Executive Level which gave us the privilege to use their Executive Lounge. 

The Lounge basically serves drinks free flow all-day and provides buffet breakfast and pre-dinner cocktails. Being the mountain tortoise that I am, I begged everyone to go check out what pre-dinner cocktails is all about on the first evening we were there.

It turned out that it was almost like a mini high-tea session. There were hot pastries, cold sandwiches, pasta, rice, small cakes, lots of chocolate pieces, variety of chips with salsa and also a big platter of fruits with many types of cheese on the cheese board. And all these to be washed down with your choice of wines, beers, sodas, coffees, teas, chocolate drinks, bottled sparkling water or juices. After sampling all these, we could hardly eat much for dinner.

But still we ate there every evening we were staying there. How can we not?

So now back at home, I though that maybe I could still have my cocktail session, albeit on a smaller scale. I got myself a good hunk of cheese, some dried fruits (prunes and apricots) and the best bottle of wine that my wallet permitted. It is a good mix of savoury (from cheese) and sweet (from dried fruit). Whoever thought of this combination must  be a genius.

We have been having cheese munching sessions almost every week and are now working our way through a second hunk of cheese (I chose my favourite matured cheddar) and first bottle of wine (Wolf Blass 2009 Yellow Label Chardonnay). As written everywhere, these two do indeed pair well and complement each other. I have lined a hunk of Gouda cheese up as the next to try. 

Life is good. 

Except when you have too many prunes. Considered yourself warned.


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