Pan Bagnat

I am really curious to know how people get around to iron their clothes in Singapore on super hot yucky days. That's what I was wondering the whole time when I was ironing our little princess' school uniforms because I was melting faster than an ice-cream would in the same room.

I thought to myself that either I come up with some idea on how to tackle the two heat-emitting routine tasks of ironing as well as cooking in this hot and humid weather, or I pack the bags and leave this inferno and stay away for the next 6 months.

Well, I did manage to get around the ironing part by turning on the aircon but the cooking is still elusive. No aircon in my kitchen.

And then, I saw this photo of Pan Bagnat on Martha Stewart's Fresh Flavor Fast.

Basically, this Pan Bagnat thingy is just Salade Nicoise made more portable with a jacket of crusty bread.

Photo from Martha Stewart website

I thought to myself that I can make this in the comfort of my air-conditioned dining room and still eat well.

In fact, we ate very well. Too well.

I didn't follow the Martha Stewart recipe for this Pan Bagnat since I already have a Salade Nicoise recipe which I love, so I merely just made a few adjustments (such as slicing the eggs instead of quartering) to my standard Salade Nicoise fare and stuffed everything into a crusty french loaf which I order Hubby to get from the old styled Whampoa bakery. I struggled a bit to squish everything together, which is what is the recipe recommends.

The result was a super-sized sandwich which I have no idea how he ate it in his office. All I know was that I received his SMS saying, "Just finished the sandwich. Very nice n full. Hv to eat in 3 parts." Three parts???!!!

I have a feeling that this sandwich is going to be keeping me happy for many days ahead.

Note: For speedy prep work, I chopped up the olives and red onions and toss them together with the salad dressing and tuna to make an easy-to-spread tuna mixture. 


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