Antipasto Pasta Salad

I call mess like this in Tupperware containers lunch these days. This is a delicious mess and I can eat it everyday.

It is highly portable, no re-heating required, carb/protein/fiber all-in-one and most importantly it can be prepared the night before. Now I can't think of another dish that can satisfy all these criteria. If you do, drop me a line.

This recipe was pulled out from Gourmet Today but it can also be found at Epicurious. I thought that the list of ingredients are pretty straight forward since they mostly come straight out of a jar/package and it is something that we have not tried before. In fact, there are hundreds of recipes we have not tried in that book.

Anyway, when I was ripping the salami and feta cheese (I ran out of mozzarella cheese) out from their packagings, we had this conversation.

Hubby: "This must be the most expensive salad we have eaten to-date." 

Me: "Well, I must agree that the salami, feta cheese, artichoke, roasted peppers and olives are pricey, but  to eat something like this outside it would definitely cost us even more than our grocery bill for this pasta salad."

Hubby: "That's why I still buy them despite their price tags." He was the one who did the grocery shopping.

Me: "Well, not ALL the ingredients in the pasta salad are expensive." Waving the bunch of asparagus in his face.

Hubby: "It is still more expensive than the pasta itself."

Me: "What ingredient can you get that is cheaper than the pasta itself??!! Tell you what. Why don't we forget about the pasta salad and you bring that plate of plain boiled pasta for lunch."

Hubby: "..."

There is a serious lack of respect for cooks these days.


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