Say What?

During my evening drive to school to pick up our little princess, I often find myself tuning in to Perfect 10. Usually I will join in the middle of a segment they call "Muttons On The Move". This show can be quite hilarious at times.

Yesterday they had is mini-segment called commonly mispronounced food names and that got my attention. The foods that they have mentioned are neither exotic nor obscure. In fact, if you eat out often enough, they might even look familiar. So here are some of the food names they talked about.

1. Pancetta (read: pan-cheh-tuh)
This is an Italian bacon.

2. Mascarpone (read: mah-skar-Poh-nay)
Italian curdled cream, most often seen in tiramisu.

3. Crepe (read: krayp)
Paper thin pancakes good to be eaten on its own or filled.

4. Quinoa (read: keen-wah)
I have written about this before here.

5. Espresso (read: ehs-prehs-oh)
Coffee drinkers you had better get this right.

6. Chipotle chilli (read: chih-poht-lay)
A type of hot chili which comes smoked and canned in this part of the world.

And then there are some which I could hardly roll my tongue right.

1. Cajun (read: kay-juhn)
A combination of French and America's Southern cooking. Mostly seen here as a seasoning used, such as Cajun chicken.

2. Quesadilla (read: keh-sah-dee-yah)
Mexican food. Pancakes folded into half moon shape and filled with shredded cheese, vegetables and meat.

3. Foie gras (read: fwah grah)
French food. This one is either you like it or you don't. Nothing in between. Goose liver.

4. Pate (read: pah-tay)
Another French food. Spreadable ground meat.

5. Eclair (read: ah-klehr)
Eaten cream puffs? These are the elongated version typically topped with chocolate.

So how did you fare?


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