Shiso Chirimen Onigiri

Eating these little rice balls, or onigiri if you will, reminded me of Tokyo. I wish I am there now.

But since it is not feasible to go, I will have to be contented with eating these little rice balls. *sob*

I bought the pre-mix from Mediya. These are shiso chirimen, which loosely translate to perilla [and] dried young sardines. They can be found at the refrigerated counter for fish.

Preparing these is almost a no-brainer. Just cook up a big batch of Japanese rice and add in the mixture while the rice is still hot. Stir well and mold them into shapes or eat them as they are.

I brought these onigiri with me to office today to tide me through from my early lunch to late dinner. My body is still adjusting to the new routine with our little princess going to primary school. And I desperately miss  my beauty nap!

These make great picnic food as well.


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