Pan Bagnat v.2

I didn't know that Hubby actually love that Pan Bagnat I made months ago until he asked for it again recently. In fact when I asked him how was the sandwich that evening, he told me his colleagues were all staring at him while he was eating the giant of a sandwich. So I thought that this sandwich would be best eaten at home, away from staring eyes. You know, something like eating crabs. Nobody's gonna think you weird even if you lick those spicy satay gravy running down your wrist.

This time round I managed to snap a photo before wrapping the sandwich up.

Of course, his colleague were staring at him again. But he said he doesn't care.

On the other hand, I do care and I refused to bring it to work. Instead, I brought the dismantled version along.

Which of course taste as great but allowed me to eat more daintily.


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