The New Primary School Chinese Composition (Part 2)

Here are some of examples of Chinese Compositions which I stumbled upon. They are taken from, what appears to be, a blog of a tuition centre.

I suspect that this is probably a patchwork Chinese Composition. Just take a look at all four of these compositions and you will noticed immediately that all 4 of them finished off nicely with a 俗语 (common sayings). Cookies from cookie cutters.

These sort of compositions always feature flat and predictable story lines. Let's not talk about those fake expressions of the characters in the stories. Obviously, some people don't share my view and these compositions are up there and labelled "Model Compositions".

Reading these so-called Model Compositions reminded me the exact feelings I had when I watched Masters of the Sea donkey years ago.

Which, for some unknown reasons, made me feel like crushing cockroaches then and now.


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