Two Ways with Oats

Some times my hands just twitching to do some stirring and mixing. Other times they itched to get some writing done. Most times they just like to hold a book.

Last night, it was stirring and mixing. And so, I pulled out the one of the easiest trick with minimal cleaning - granola.

Since not everyone appreciates savoury granola, I thought it safe to stick with the crowd and made a batch of Cherry, cranberry and pistachio granola clusters. The recipe can be found at The Kitchn. I had simply used whatever nuts and dried fruits I could forage from my pantry.

I was measuring out the oats needed for the recipe while we were prepping dinner. Just then, I looked at the oats in my hands and thought of this.

Oats porridge with leftover roast chicken and scallions. This cooked faster than the regular rice porridge and it is definitely higher in fibre. Fast comfort food on a lazy Sunday evening.


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