Things That Will Not Work Together

I thought I was not able to pull out a batch of these this year with Princess contracting the flu bug and was running 39 degC fever for 3 straight days and nights. Sick kids and baking just doesn't work.

So once her fever broke, I had only managed to make enough to give away with nothing left for ourselves. Convalescing and pineapple tarts doesn't work either.

I like to flip through my Instagram while walking on the treadmill. Just keep the speed to a crawl and you will won't kill yourself. I looked with admiration at Instagram of those who put out trays of neatly lined and delicious looking homemade baked goods. New year goodies and workout tights will never work.

Finally, the long weekend is upon us but I will most probably be spending it doing last minute cleaning of the house in the unlikely event that people do drop by our place. Guests and dirty house never work.

Happy Chinese New Year!


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