Bento #3 and more ...

Monday mornings are usually cranky for me. It is the start of the work week and I'm usually suffering from a weekend hangover. So to add on to the maddness, I decided to mass produce my bentos today.

::: Today's bento menu :::
Breaded fish
Braised spinach in soy sauce and bonito flakes
Omelette roll
Rice (topping varies)

My mom's bento box - her rice is merely sprinkled with black sesame seeds.

My brother's bento - his rice dumplings are made from wakame and dried salmon flakes mix.

My dear Hubby's bento - Plain rice dumplings with nori wrapping.

And of course, lastly my own bento - rice topped with nori and sesame seed sprinkles.

Don't count on me to be terribly creative on Monday mornings. But as you can see, even with a few simple dishes, there are just so many different combination and presentation. So goes the old saying :"There's more than one way to skin the cat." But in this case, "There's more than one way to pack a bento!"


  1. are you cooking for everyone??????

    my god!!!

    heehee wherer's my bento?

  2. I'm happy to have another lab mouse anytime!


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