Bento #8

::: Today's bento menu :::
Steamed threadfin with ginger, garlic and chilies
Grilled chicken thighs
Soy sauce braised chicken
Long bean omelette
Fried rice

An emergency bento.

Nope, we are all healthy and kicking, but I can't say the same for our fridge. It wasn't left out in the cold (door ajar), so everything in it came to room temperature. Yikes!

On a brighter note, my sister just shipped in and she brought a tidal wave of bento packing stuffs for me direct from the Land of the Rising Sun! Yeah! Haven't got around to washing them up yet, so please bear with me here.

Also, for this week, Isetan Scotts is featuring bento food promotion. Unfortunately, an ultra cute Hello Kitty bento box is going for S$17! Hmphmmm...


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