Taiwan Food Gallery Mar07

Sweet potatoes enroute to 杨明山。For satisfaction of hunger pangs....

Taiwanese love to eat this during winter..姜母鸭...old ginger duck

Smelly beancurd!!! Taste good, esp when u r climbling up 杨明山

Not too sure what is the chinese name, but it is made up of glutinous rice and "pig's blood"??? taste ok, but a slimmy kinda feeling when u bite into it....

Had this minced pork rice 鲁肉饭 at 度小月restaurant...located at 忠孝复兴mrt station exit 3. This restaurant was featured in travel books..

Beancurd, with the taiwanese favorite 粉园。

The making of smelly beancurd....

Came across a funny dish called sesame hotdog??

<-- fruits stall....look at that bitter gourd....recommendation: bitter gourd with honey!!!


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