Bento #7

::: Today's bento menu :::
Pan-fried squid patties
Cucumber and wakame salad
Soy sauce simmer spinach with bonito flakes
Rice balls

I am beginning to think that packing bento boxes is about economies of scale cos if I'm cooking, might as well cook a little more and share with someone else too!

While packing these four of the lunches at one go, Hubby commented: "You look like you are running some sort of catering service." Compliment or criticism? I'm still trying to figure that out.

My total prep time is still far from ideal, so I have to work on that. Trying to pack the boxes creatively on the fly is hard for me, as I am not a creative person to begin with. Is it possible for me to work on being creative? Hmm...

I think the best part of packing bentos for others is the gift of seeing the raised eyebrows when they opened up to see a bento that has been packed lovingly. The time and effort is worth it.

I was running a little short on ingredients this time round so I didn't fulfill the 5 colours rule. Well, there's always a next time!

My bento

Dear Hubby's lunch

My brother's bento

My mom's bento

The pan fried squid patties and cucumber and wakame salad are from The Japanese Kitchen. The patties taste good but salty cos we made one mistake of adding the basting sauce into the batter! Duh!!


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