Wrappin' It Up

In my last trip to Hong Kong, I revisited this cafe called MIX at One International Finance Centre. I'm absolutely crazy about their Wrapps! So I rant and raved about it to Cath, and begging to to bring me a Wrapp when she comes back from Hong Kong in her next trip. Then to my ever-lasting embarrassment, she pointed me to some of the outlets HERE in Singapore! Oops!

I have tried their Tandoori Chicken Wrapp and their Tuna Nicoise Wrapp, and both were fantastic. The Tandoori Chicken Wrapp had morsels of tender juicy chicken chunks marinated to just the right spiciness. The Tuna Nicoise Wrapp, though made with canned tuna, came with chopped hard boiled eggs and a tangy dressing. Wrapps were loaded with fresh salad greens before the choice of filing were piled onto it.

So when I got home, I decided to recreate these wraps. When I searched around for a tortilla recipe, I realised that it is just too much work to make from scratch and also I would need a reasonable big sheet to do some secure wrapping. So out went the idea of making tortillas and in came popiah skins by Tee Yih Jia. Which worked well and cost a fraction of those store bought tortillas here.

Recipe for Salad Nicoise was from The Joy of Cooking ('97 ed.). The only thing missing were the Nicoise olives, since my nearest grocer ran out of it. Erm... does that mean that this ain't Salad Nicoise? Hmm....

The salad by itself was wonderful, but I am sure it would be better with those missing Nicoise olives. Once again The Joy of Cooking delivers yet another yummy dish to my kitchen. As for the wraps, they made a light meal to have on its own. Since I was worried about over-dressing them and hence risk soaking the skins through, I skimped on the dressing. Bad idea. As the skins were unflavoured, the dressing plays a big part. So next time I am gonna drench it through and wrap them up individually with plastic wraps as a precaution.


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