Teng's Birthday

On Sunday, Bigfoot has graciously opened her house and host our long overdued gathering. This time was for Teng's birthday. The bunch of us went a long way back to our secondary school days. Some we have know for 17 years (i.e. Tony), some for 15 years (i.e. Alex), while Teng for 14 years. As our lives got packed with never-ending work and social obligations, gatherings like this are far and few in between. But nonetheless, I am sure we had all enjoyed the brief few hours that we had spent together last Sunday.

So enough of my long/short story, let's get on with the photos.

Here's Bigfoot proudly showing off her hammie, Fatty.

Washing my princess' hand involved alot of manpower.

Here's a close up of Teng's cake. Thanks to Alex who bought it from Four Leaf. It was yummy, esp the hidden kit-kat biscuit surprise.

The obligatory blowing of candles, except that it was done by my princess instead of Teng.

The kit-kat biscuit made it really hard to cut up. "Eeeeeeeee...."

And after the cake, we all adjourned to the boxing ring, or rather Wii boxing. The first contenders are husband and wife team, erm ... wait, it is husband vs wife! Here is Jess giving Teng a good right hook, silently hissing "Here's for forgetting our wedding anniversary!"

Our instructor looks on as the contenders fight to their deaths. Tony and wife, Winda, wondering if they also should take their turns at each other.

Instead Tony decided to challenge the defeated Teng, but wasn't very much better himself. Our instructor looked away in disgust of the two.

In desperation to save his pride in front of his new wife, Tony decided to take a swing at Teng in real person.

After Teng was found unconcious, his wife took over to defend the family name, while Tony was sent to the bench. Jess took up on new contender - Alex.

I can't remember who won this round. But my little princess decided to join in the fun.

Teng regained conciousness and gave some tips to my princess.

Unfortunatly, she was also no match for the undefeated champion - Jess. Daddy ran to her help but in vain, while Jess laughed in triumphant.

~ All narration on the Wii boxing are but a figment of my own imagination but by no means untrue. ~


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