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On Friday, Hubby brought back a new set of DVDs: The Legend. From the screenshots, I thought that the lead actor looked kinda cool, but guess what? I couldn't even tell that he is the #1 Korean hotshot from Winta Sonata. Well, I didn't watch that so I guess I could be forgiven. (^_^) Now I am only on ep 11 out of 32, and I am already @_@. I think by the end of it, I would need to take a hiatus before going on to the next drama.

I haven't been doing much cooking recently as I am shuttling between my mum's and mine, as my sis has been going on long haul these two weeks. But it is kind of relaxing for me also, cos now my mom cooks for me (read: yummy foods) and also helps keep my princess entertained. Ahh, bliss ... I could actually sit down and finish reading a magazine cover to cover. Woo hoo! Actually, I've read a few already.

Oh yes, recently I have been researching on a Japanese cake known as kasutera (カステラ). It is a super sweet sponge cake usually given as gifts and was adapted from a Portugese cake known as Castella. Here's a site with a good post on it. Maybe after I lose those 3 kilos I packed on from Tokyo, I'll pull out my mixer.


  1. I have a simple receipe on that cake... show it to you tomorrow.. perhaps I can finally have a slice of your cake or bread... :-P it has been a long while since you last "fed" me with your delicious baking. (the last was a slice of banana cake which I polished in seconds)

  2. Thanks for the confidence vote Jo! I know I still owe you a bread. But cake-wise, I think I still need a bit more practice.

    Do you still come to my office for grocery shopping? If you do, then when I bake, I'll leave it at my office, and you can pop by to collect them even if I am not around.

    But I'll see if I can whip something up when I bring the docs down to your office.


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