Tokyo Guide Books

These were the two books which we relied on when we were in Tokyo and the Disneyland.

Tokyo Encounter (Lonely Planet series) is quite a handy and informative book to have. Small enough for handbags and also it has a very concised map cum train guide. It also list all the must-dos in each area of Tokyo. If we had time to study the book in detail, I think we would have covered even more ground. I got this book from Times Bookshop.

The Disneyland Navi Guide was purchased in Tokyo and hence in Japanese only. It cost Y1,500, but I think it is worth every cent of it. Cos it gives a good listing of shops, attractions, food carts, and also restaurants. Without it, I think we would be aimlessly walking around the place in circle and eating junk sold from those carts, not to mention expensive junk.

Here's a sample of their junk food menu:
* Mickey Mouse sandwich ice-cream Y250 (size no larger than your palm)
* Popcorn in Chip & Dale container Y1,100
* Sausage (think: pasar malam Taiwan sausages) Y315
* Mickey Mouse/Donald Duck happy meal set Y1,622 (you can recycle the container which the food comes in)

And thanks to this book, I found us a nice sit-down restaurant which served decent food in buffett style for Y2,500 per head and child under 4 eats for free.
So moral of the story: do your homework before setting out. I really thanked my lucky star for stumbling upon this book while browsing at the bookshop the day before we set off for Disneyland!

This is something that I picked up at Narita Airport DFS. I bought it cos I thought it was my favourit Pilot G-Tech pens. But when I looked closely that it last night (yes, I only examined my loot recently), and realised that these are G-Tech pens but in the shades of 5 colours that are something from Japan. The first one is sakura (pink) and the fourth is chestnut. And the rest? I have no idea. The set cost Y1,000 for 5 pens. Very lovely shades!


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