Alex's Wedding 15-Mar-2008

This post is specially for BigFoot.

Our princess all ready to go.

Alex and Serene taken from afar. Should have asked Teng to go infront and snap!

Tony trying squeeze the life out of Winda. They are also the next couple to head down the asle.

And there we met a classmate whom we have not seen for a long time, Ying-gui.

A nice family snap of us. Somebody get me some pimple cream!

Another of Joe and Jess.

Look at them! Such lovebirds! Tony is such a nice couch, isn't he Winda? (Cos of his extra tire!)

Speaking of extra tires, Tony isn't the only one. Look at these two. Their shirts look like they are going to suffer the fate of those worn by Incredible Hulk.

A group snap of the guys. They were totally annoyed with me for not saying the usually: "Say Cheese. 1..., 2..., 3....!" Hmphmm....

Toast to the wedding couple from afar.

And may Alex and Serene have a wonderful and blissful marriage!


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