I'm Hopeless

I'm feeling depressed.

I'm feeling empty.

I'm ..... suffering from Korean drama withdrawal syndrome! And I am blaming it all on my Hubby for bringing the DVDs back!

I have just finished watching Fantasy Couple (aka Couple or Trouble) and I ended having a noodle addiction now. Watch it and you will know why. I love every episode of the serial.

Don't bother me now. I'm going back to feeling depressed.

I'm going back to feeling empty.

Help! I need another fix!

How classless of me! *snort*


  1. wedding is nice... you can also try sweet relationship which is non korean but have so much food... it makes you hungry.....

  2. Really??!!

    Okay, I'll ask Hubby to scout for it.

    Thanks for the tip!

  3. Hopeless hopeless :)

    I'm so relieved i'm out of it all (for the time being) or I'll be just like you haha!

    I've something in mind to watch but I've been holding back until things at work are stabilised.

  4. Haha... yeah, smart move.

    I checked your MySoju.com and found so many dramas available. Wow!

    Die, die...


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