Mommy, I Wanna Be A Baker!

Recently, my little princess has taken to lingering around the kitchen while I prepare our meals. And to keep her occupied, I would play her CD of children's songs. In it was the song "Que Sarah Sarah". It made me wonder what my little precious would become in the future. So the other day, while we were having another kiddy baking session to make banana cake, I asked her what she wants to be next time.

At this age of 3, I don't expect any logical answer, but I was really surprised that she said: "I want to be in a bakery shop selling cakes, muffins, biscuits and candies!"

Well, well, don't kids say the darnest things? That is good for now as it will mean an extra helping hand in my baking adventures.


  1. We had a wonderful time with the princess! see ya all soon!


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