Food Mistakes

Just came across this interesting article from the NY Times entitled: "6 Food Mistakes Parents Make". Very interesting to know that there is such a thing as a chocolate diet.

Let me check if I am making all the mistakes listed in the article.

1. Sending children out of the kitchen.
My girl usually hangs around the kitchen while I prepare our meals. She would either be pretending to cook or she would just sit beside our radio and sing. She is really a good helper if she has a mind to it and would help me beat eggs, wash vegetables or getting things from the fridge.

2. Pressuring them to take a bite.
Guilty as charged. But mine is more like: "Just take a bite and if you don't like it, spit it out."

3. Keeping "Good Stuff" out of reach.
Her snacks are all easily accessible by her. Half of them are on our dining table! Most of the time I would be the one asking if she wants a snack cos I desperately want some myself! Haha ...

4. Dieting in front of your children.
We don't diet, so not applicable.

5. Serve boring vegetables.
Guilty as charged. Sometimes when I am ultra lazy, I would just steam broccoli or cauliflower and serve them plain.

6. Giving up too soon.
I wouldn't say that I give up on getting her to try certain types of food easily, but I would be quite skeptical on getting her to try those foods that she recently rejected. I tend to give her some resting periods but I will certainly get her to try again. I believe that she might not like it now, but doesn't mean she won't like it in the future. So just keep trying.

But all said, I think I am blessed with a very un-fussy eater. My princess eats almost everything so I guess I will never fully understand the desperation and frustration of those parents of picky eaters.


  1. my dear, YOU ARE VERY BLESSED!!!!!!!!!!!! V is one super fussy eater!


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